South Sudanese An-26 cargo aircraft burnt down in runway accident

An Antonov An-26 cargo aircraft contracted by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) was burnt down after overshooting the runaway and crashing during a botched landing at the Maban Air Strip in South Sudan.

The An-26, registration number EK-26006 belongs to South Sudanese airline Coco Travel but was contracted by the UNHCR as a cargo freighter when the accident happened.

The pilot attempted to land on the wet airstrip of the Maban Airstrip during rain but the plane skidded off the runway and ploughed into and adjacent field.

The aircraft sustained serious damages to the engine, leading to the leaking of fuel which ignited a fire that burnt down the aircraft and its cargo. All crew members escaped the accident with minor injuries. (africanaerospace, photo:

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