RwandAir in cooperation with National Police of Rwanda investigating suspected case of theft

RwandAir has released a statement saying the airline in cooperation with the National Police of Rwanda is investigating a suspected case of theft that involves RwandAir staff and an industry partner who worked together in putting up an illegal network in processing online ticket sales as well as funds collection which is valued at approximately 30,000USD.

RwandAir operates under strict business operations policies and verification procedures which assisted our finance department in identifying the above mentioned illegal transactions that are still under Police investigations. The suspects were immediately apprehended on January 5th 2015 and are under Police custody,” said John Mirenge, the chief executive officer.

He added: “Our stakeholders should rest assured that the airline follows strict vetting procedures as part of the recruitment process and strict business operations procedures which will even be more tightened to avoid such occurrences in future.

“Upon successful closure of the investigations, as established legal measures will be followed in cooperating with the relevant authorities to handle this case in the most transparent manner.” (africanaerospace)

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