Report: Humans prefer customer service over automation for almost every travel function

Based on a survey of over 2,000 U.S. travelers, OAG offers new insight for airport leaders and tech providers looking to delight travelers, streamline operations and grow revenue. The major takeaway: While high tech investments and automation improve the airport experience, they aren’t a cure-all.

This paper looks at:

–        Travelers crave a more streamlined experience: Nearly 60% of travelers would let airports track their location through a mobile or wearable device to redeploy staff to cut down on wait times.

–        Forget robots. Practicality trumps flash: Only 19% of travelers said they see value in interactive robots that provide information and concierge services. Comparatively, 40% want more baggage loading zones to expedite security lines, 54% would value in-airport turn-by-turn directions for navigating terminals and gates, and 75% want real-time updates on expected boarding times.

–        Momentum builds for automated airport retail: 54% of millennials, 37% of business travelers and 35% of all travelers reported interest in self-checkout retail options at the airport.

–        While the travel ecosystem continues to test high-tech investments – including robotics, biometrics, advanced security measures and more – it may be overlooking significantly easier and more affordable opportunities to delight travelers, boost efficiency and grow sales.

Full report HERE.

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