Potential for a new Ugandan national carrier established

MuseveniPresident, Yoweri Museveni, has prioritised the formation of a new Ugandan national carrier. Uganda Airlines dissolved due to heavy debts back in 2001, but President Museveni has called for the carrier to fly again.

Museveni stated the lack of national airline ‘a big shame’, and called upon the country’s Kenyan, Ethiopia and South African « brothers » for ditching the comradeship.

“Ugandan travellers are suffering because of, apparently, not having a national airline. I thought that our brothers in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, having airlines would serve all of us. That, however, is apparently not the case,” said Museveni.

The new national airline is due to be set up within the next five years, after the Ugandan economy has been built upon. (africanaerospace, photo: ia)

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