Missing EgyptAir aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder will only emit a signal for another week

BlackboxInvestigators looking into the missing EgyptAir flight have received further radar data of the aircrafts manoeuvres, but have said the cockpit voice recorder will only emit a signal until June 24.

The team has continues to search for flight data and cockpit voice recorders since the aircraft disappeared in May with 66 people on board.

A signal believed to be from one of the data recorders was picked up by French naval search vessel La Place, as well as a signal from an automated emergency locator transmitter (ELT) also being detected.

Deep Ocean Search (DOS) has been brought in to assist the recovery of the data recorders by searching the wreckage area with its search vessel, and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has also joined the search.

“The Egyptian Armed Forces Investigation Committee received radar images of the A320 route before its crash, which identified that the aircraft swerved to the left then turned right for a full circle. This comes in accordance with the British and Greek radar images; however the investigation cannot count merely on such information,” the Egyptian investigators have said. (africanaerospace, photo: NTSB)

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