ICAO finalise CO2 Standard

co2Industry and environmental groups met at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to finalise the design of the first global certification standard for CO2 emissions from new aircraft. The agreement on ICAO “CO2 Standard” has been finalised after six years’ work and will apply to all new aircraft designs from 2020.

The Air Transport Action Group has accepted the CO2 Standard as part of actions aimed at tackling aviation’s climate change impact.

Executive Director, Michael Gill, said: “Today’s decision on the ICAO CO2 Standard provides a significant step towards the industry’s long-term goal to halve aviation CO2 and much-needed momentum ahead of the ICAO Assembly in September.”

The standard will be applied to all existing aircraft types from 2023, even if they were designed and launched prior to 2020.

A production cut-off date of 2028 has been recommended for any aircraft that do not comply with the CO2 Standard. (africanaerospace)

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