Ethiopian Airlines involved in Ugandan ballot paper conspiracy

ballotThe Rwandan civil aviation sector regulator has denied that the aircraft carrying Ugandan presidential ballot papers did not land in Rwanda, All Africa has reported. The denial is in response to claims of a conspiracy between Ugandan and Rwandan authorities to rig the polls by offloading ballot papers in Rwanda.

« According to the flight data information by the Air Traffic control Unit at Kigali International Airport, in the past four to five days and earlier, no flight of that nature from South Africa made a stopover or landed at Kigali International Airport and the ground handling department doesn’t have recordings of the alleged flight, » said Silas Udahemuka, director general, Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority.

The arrival of the papers was delayed by three hours, which lead to the speculation.

Ethiopian Airlines delivered the papers, but the carrier is yet to comment on the delay. (africanaerospace)

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