EDM provides Ethiopian Airways with new CEED

EDMEDM has announced that it has shipped a second Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) to Ethiopian Airlines. The CEET was manufactured at EDM’s UK headquarters in Manchester, and has a dual B787/B777 configuration.

The dual configuration allows Ethiopian Airline’s cabin crew to train on both aircraft types.

The CEET consists of business and economy class seats, with a replica galley, lavatories, cabin attendant seats and control panels.

It is also fitted with SPETRE, EDM’s audio-visual system that replicates pre-programmed emergency scenarios including: aborted take-off, engine fire, gear collapse, turbulence, ditching and decompression.

In order to transport it the Ethiopia, the CEET was manufactured to a modular design, separated and packed into six modules.

The CEET will join the existing cabin crew training equipment already built and installed EDM as part of a contract with Ethiopian Airlines. (africanaerospace, text and photo)

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