Air Traffic Shocks in Africa since 2006

Air traffic in Africa showed huge resilience in recovery following major setbacks from the Great Recession in 2008, Arab spring and the Egyptian crisis until 2014, the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and later from security threats in North African nations. Africa thus registered a record air traffic growth rate of 9.4% in 2018, the highest growth worldwide, surpassing the passenger growth rates of Europe and Asia-Pacific, the two perennial leaders.

As Africa was witnessing high proportions of emerging and developing economies, the forecasted Compounded Annual Passenger Growth Rate was estimated at 3.7% until year 2040, culminating to a forecasted passenger traffic of 450 million annually by 2040, that is more than double the figure of 2019. With the COVID-19, the reality is altogether different now and to such an unprecedented scale that no one could ever have predicted same. The recovery, in the most optimistic scenario, will probably be one of the toughest ever experienced by the industry in the region. (ACI Afr)

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