Afriqiyah suffers damage as Tripoli Airport closes

Security services closed Tripoli’s M’etiga international airport after the Libyan national carrier, Afriqiyah had a number of aircraft damaged yesterday in gun battles that saw 16 people killed and 48 people injured.

« As a result of the clashes at M’etiga international airport, we regret to inform you that our aircraft fleet (five airplanes, including a cargo plane) has suffered great damage. This damage, unfortunately, prevents the fleet from flying again. » Afriqiyah Airways said in a statement.

Libya’s UN-backed government issued a statement condemning the attack, saying it « threatened the lives of travellers, nearby residents and the safety of air traffic. »

Yesterday’s attack is the most violent one the airport has witnessed for some time, as gunmen attacked the airport and the prison inside it, where hundreds of terrorists have been detained.

Afriqiyah said  flights from Misurata and M’etiga airports are suspended until further notice. (africanaerospace, photo: Afriqiyah)

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