AFRAA: CORSIA workshop in Nairobi

AFRAA, in conjunction with IATA is hosting a Carbon Offsetting Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) workshop in Nairobi from 18-19 June 2019 at the AFRAA headquarters.

The objective of the workshop is to help airline operators prepare for the verification of their emissions data in order for them to be able to successfully submit their emissions reports. The workshop comprises of well thought out thorough presentations as well as interactive group discussions. These activities will enable participants to fully comprehend the main requirements of CORSIA thereby equipping them to identify potential risks related to the collection and reporting of emissions data.

The workshop will also provide airline operators with the latest CORSIA information based on ongoing discussions within ICAO and offers insight on IATA’s FRED+ tool.

In order to help operators develop their emissions monitoring plan and prepare for the monitoring of emissions, AFRAA is involved in initiatives such as workshops dedicated to emissions monitoring plans, fuel use monitoring methodologies and fuel efficiency improvement measures.

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